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TouchDesigner for Interactive Installations


13 Ocak 2024 10:00:00


6 Hours


Only Open and Free for OI_Music Combined Ticket Holders

Workshop Content

TouchDesigner can be quite the beast with its wide range of uses. This full day workshop will focus on the elements required to get started with TouchDesigner as a tool for interactive installations: besides video playback and image based effects, topics will include generative 2D/3D and rendering, interfacing with external input and output devices as well as investigating various protocols to allow control of an installation. The workshop will start with an overview of Interface workflow and basic concepts behind the node based development environment and then provide context by giving step by step instructions to build example networks that could be adapted to interactive installations.

Please bring the hardware listed in next page and have the TouchDesigner installed before the workshop! Download the software here

The language of course is English. do not forget to apply by January 10


Please refer to the System Requirements to make sure TouchDesigner will run on your computer.

Laptop (PC or Mac) with TouchDesigner installed and keyed.

A 3-Button Mouse

Optional: Interface Controller

Software to Install Before Workshop

Latest version of TouchDesigner installed and keyed.

The freely available Non-Commercial license for TouchDesigner will suffice.

More Information on creating an account and acquiring a key can be found here:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your OS and drivers are up to date.

Participation is only open and free to holders of OI_Music Combined Ticket


Markus Heckmann

Noise_Media Art is proud to welcome Markus Heckmann, @wllllllllllllllln the Technical Director of Derivative, the company behind TouchDesigner, one of the software with the most fanatical user community in the world.

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