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Kadıköy, with its significant place in the history of Istanbul, possesses a valuable cultural memory of the city's heritage, spanning from the Byzantine, Ottoman, to the Republican periods. The population in Kadıköy reflects an inclusive cosmopolitan structure, with people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds living together.

Kadıköy is renowned for its lively atmosphere, diverse nightlife, and a wide range of entertainment options. Its cultural scene is rich and diverse, hosting various events and performances in theaters, art spaces, and music venues.

Bağdat Avenue

As a result of the daily foot traffic of 100,000 people on this street one of the public installations of OI_Public will be located here.

Bağdat Avenue (Bağdat Caddesi) is one of the most famous and iconic streets in Istanbul, Turkey. Bağdat Caddesi is known for its vibrant and upscale atmosphere, making it a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The avenue stretches for approximately 14 kilometers, parallel to the coastline. Bağdat Caddesi is particularly renowned for its fashion boutiques, where you can find both local and international designer brands. 

Kadıköy Square

The square, where some of the public performances or installations from OI_Public will be located, boasts a vibrant social life and bustling activities. Kadıköy Square sits at the intersection of major streets, making it one of the liveliest and busiest areas in the district. Surrounding the square, there are commercial establishments, restaurants, cafes, markets, and shops.

Due to its proximity to public transportation stops such as Kadıköy İskelesi (Ferry Port), Marmaray, and Kadıköy Metro Station, it is a meeting point and transfer hub for people coming from different parts of the city.

Kadıköy Museum

The Kadıköy Museum (Kadıköy Goods Directorate),
built in the early years of the Republic, will host galleries in the OI_Fair section of Noise Contemporary after undergoing restoration.


History, Literature, and Art Library - TESAK

OI_Talks part of the Noise Media Art program, including talks and panels, will be held at TESAK which is right next to the main fair building.


Alan Kadıköy

Alan Kadıköy stage will host AV performances and

concerts as part of the OI_Music


Alan Kadıköy x Piksel Studio

As our education partner, Piksel New Media Guest Artist program will continue its activities in the permanent studio space that extends to the lower floor of Alan Kadıköy starting from September 2023!


Yeldeğirmeni Art (Notre Dame Du Rosaire Church)

Yeldeğirmeni Art will host artworks and performances
exhibited as part of Noise_Media Art.

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