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  • In each edition, Noise Media Art hosts galleries from Turkey and around the world presenting a selection of media art.


    The previous edition of the fair in Turkey brought together a selection of works by Dominique Moulon, a renowned curator in the field of media art. In the first edition of Noise_Media Art, international galleries such as DAM, Kate Vass Gallery, Elektra, Julie Caredda as well as important galleries of Turkey such as Art On, Sanatorium, Pilot, Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery, representing the strong names of media art took part.

  • OI_Music, an important part of Noise_Media Art events, continues to offer its listeners a comprehensive experience at the intersection of art and music. Shaped by experimental approaches; genres such as techno, electronic dub, proto electronica, industrial music, glitch techno, ambient and drone music come together on the OI_Music stage in every edition of the fair.