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Istanbul Municipality, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Private Sector Investments

Recent Art Investments in Turkey

Istanbul Municipality

In the past four years, the municipality has transformed historical buildings into museums. The 'Gazhane Museum' was once a 19th-century coal gas facility and is now an arts and culture center used by the Biennial. 'Casa Botter', designed by Italian architect Raimondo D’Aronco in the Art Nouveau style, has also been recently renovated and is recognized as a Cultural Property to be Conserved. 'Cendere Art' was a water pumping station with 120 years of history, originally built by French architects, now repurposed as an art center for the city.

Another notable investment by the Istanbul Municipality is the restoration of 'ArtIstanbul Feshane'. The Feshane-i Amire, established as a wool fabric and fez factory in 1833, has been transformed into a museum. Spanning 8,000 square meters, ArtIstanbul Feshane serves as a cultural and artistic hub in Istanbul. Located on the historical peninsula by the shores of Haliç, it hosts exhibitions, fairs, concerts, and engaging events for the public, catering to the city's cultural and artistic needs.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

In 2021, the Ministry of Culture reopened the renovated Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) with a grand ceremony. The center features a 2040-seat Opera Hall, an 802-seat theater hall, an art gallery, a multipurpose hall, a music platform and recording studio, and a library focusing on music, art, architecture, and design.

Following extensive renovations during the pandemic, The Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture recently reopened its doors to the public in 2022 through the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It holds the distinction of being Turkey's first museum dedicated to plastic arts. The first opening was officiated by Ataturk in 1937 and the administration of IMPS was entrusted to the Academy of Fine Arts (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University).

Private Sector Investments

Arter Museum, built in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation under Koç Holding, moved to its new building in Dolapdere in 2019, marking the foundation's 50th anniversary. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, the new building of Arter has become a significant cultural landmark.

Istanbul Modern, Turkey's first modern and contemporary art museum, first opened in 2004 along the Bosphorus now reopened in 2023 with its new building designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The museum is located in the same spot as the old structure. By incorporating a transparent ground floor design, the museum enhances the connection between the seaside and Tophane Park. Its strategic location allows visitors to enjoy views of the Historical Peninsula. This area of Istanbul attracts 10 million tourists annually. Istanbul Modern's new building is a collaborative effort between Eczacıbaşı Group and Doğuş Group-Bilgili Holding.

Galataport Istanbul, opened in 2022, is a waterfront destination on the Bosphorus with a 1.2 km stretch, attracting a significant investment of 1.7 billion dollars from Bilgili Holding and Doğuş Group. It offers diverse experiences of shopping, gastronomy, art spaces, and a cruise ship port. Located in Karaköy, a historic area on the Golden Horn peninsula, it is a few steps away from renowned museums and galleries such as Istanbul Modern, IRHM/IPSM, and Salt Galata.

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